Move your body

It has been a tough winter here in the New England, and seasonal depression has been problematic.  I know I need to go skiing, or something. This video is always a sure ticket to make me want to move!

The Automattic creed states:

I will never pass up an opportunity to help out a colleague, and I’ll remember the days before I knew everything.

In my short six months here I’ve shied away from helping people, thinking to myself “if I tried to help, I’d fail” because “I’m only the new guy” and “there’s no way I could know the answer”. It is time to lose the bull crap excuses and dig in. Sure, it can be awkward, and sometimes scary when you’re new. But as of today, I will not be missing any more opportunities to help my colleagues and expand my own knowledge.

Roadtrip to Morgantown

After driving through the quaint seaside towns of Connecticut, the chaos of New York and New Jersey, the endless rolling farmlands of southern Pennsylvania, and the twisting mountains of West Virginia we arrive in Morgantown. And just in time to celebrate burrito Friday at Black Bear Burritos, then quickly walk through the wintery mix to the MT Pockets Theatre Company. We are here for their annual one act play festival, which features productions written by playwrights from around the country.  Megan’s play, Hit Person, was one in ten chosen from a pool of over 300 submissions.

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