Wintery Willard Beach

So I wasn’t able to go skiing this weekend, but fortunately I found a way to shake off the blues.

Megan and I went to Willard Beach, and though the sun was shining, the wind chill was slightly frigid. Despite the chills we had an excellent time. As you’ll see from the pics below, a beach in Maine is beautiful no matter the season. Don’t wait for summah, bub, go now!

Our intention was, of course, shameless self-promotion, or SSP as we say in show business. Megan, as you might know, is an actress, and every few months she needs to shed her current batch of headshots, and shoot a new set. We hoped to score some nice 8×10 beauties today, but it was too sunny, breezy, and chilly to set up an outdoor portrait studio. As the saying goes, “We’ll get ’em next time”. At the very least, we were able to go on a brisk walk and breath the salty, Maine air.

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