Transcendent Songs

Tell me of a song that can make you weep openly in a coffee shop.

Those who know me know that I like hippy music. For everyone else I’ll out myself now: hippy.

Today, while in a public cafeteria, I started crying while listening to Phish cover the Grateful Dead’s Terrapin Station. 🙂

There are many reasons I wept. This has been a long time favorite song of mine. From the first time I heard it in 1996 until this day, this song has consistently moved me. It is the perfect poetic and musical metaphor for life. Also there is the context of this particular rendering: it was sung to eulogize its author, Jerry Garcia, 3 years after his passing. And of course I wept for Harris, the reason I was listening to the song in the first place. Harris Whittles, who passed away recently, ran a podcast called Analyze Phish, in which he tried to get fellow comedian Scott Auckerman to become a fan of Phish’s music. Hilarity ensues.

Is there a song you can think of that would make you cry while you are driving, or working, or sitting in a coffee shop?

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