In Praise of Property Design

This week Mad Horse Theatre is opening Alligator Road, a brand new play by Callie Kimball. In the play, the main character has lost her husband and inherited his hardware store.  She covers every item in the store with hand-knitted cozies. Why, you ask?

You’ll just have to see the play.

Megan Tripaldi designed the props and the set dressings. She worked with a clan of knitters to essentially yarn bomb a hardware store. For those of you who know her, and how much she loves knitting and theatre, it will come as know surprise that this was a dream gig. She nailed it!

I got a look at the set tonight, and I was delighted by all the tiny details. I tip my hat to Megan and to Chris Sullivan who designed and constructed the set. I didn’t get to see the show because they were sold out. Get your tickets while they last.

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