Fear of Growing Old

And when I lean my head against the frosted shower stall
I see stuff through the glass that I don’t recognize at all

Obligatory trigger warning. Possible severe tire damage ahead.

Tonight, I was reading articles on the AV Club and creating some killer playlists, when I suddenly remembered that not only am I mortal, but I’ll likely have to suffer through old age before facing death. Just an other Friday night. Heh. It’s so common there ought to be an emoji for it.

I’m sitting at the kitchen table yet feel like I’m are drowning underwater. And looking slowly to my left at the happy family photos throughout the years makes me start to choke up even more. You’ve felt it too. Sure you have. It always comes as a surprise, or maybe you’ve grown used to by now. I envy you if you are that strong.

Then a song called “Till My Head Falls Off” starts playing. It is a song I used to play LOUD when I was a teenager. I never really thought about the lyrics, but listening to them tonight, it occurred to me that the song was about growing old, and stubbornly remaining smart against impossible odds.

It was nice to have I song that had me dancing as a young man return to save my life on a dark night light years in the future. My fears went dancing away. Please enjoy the song.

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