Other Desert Cities #tbt

Other Desert Cities is a play by Jon Robin Baitz. Megan and I saw a fine performance of the dramedy at the Old Vic last year. I was a mere 5 feet from #MarthaPlimptonsButt. #tbt! She turned in a fabulous performance as Brook Wyeth.

I’m throwing it back this Thursday in honor of the upcoming performance at the Mad Horse Theatre Company. They opened Other Desert Cities this evening, and it will be running through May 17. If you love a good show, go see this. Mad Horse does not disappoint. And if you are new to the theatre world, Other Desert Cities is a great intro course on contemporary theatre. Give it a try.

Do you want to go for free? We bought season passes this year, and we have many extra tickets because we haven’t been able to make a lot of shows. Hit me up and I can hook you up.

Here are photos from last year. #tbt!

It has been an uneventful day after a long string of eventful days. I’m exhausted, and I have nothing to write about. In order to keep this streak going, I needed to look to the past, back to 2008 when I was 1 month away from graduating from college. I was a nervous wreck, afraid that I’d never get a job as a graphic designer and be able to pay off the stupid amount of debt I accrued. Here is a logo design and cover for a literary journal called The Northern New England Review. I remember thinking that I had to take on as much commercial work as possible so that my portfolio would be ready for the “real world”.  There was a story in the journal about a dying horse, and I found this beautiful photo on Deviant Art. The horse in the photo, whose name was Sofa Potion, if I remember correctly wasn’t dead. That’s just how horses scratch their back.

Enjoy the designs, and think back to the time when you were graduating. ( I’ve you’ve never graduated from something, you didn’t miss much, but you can try to imagine. ) Were you a nervous wreck like I was?


Celebrating new life with a New England potluck

Today we celebrated a baby shower for my niece, Taylor Webster, and her partner James Manion using my favorite style of party, the Yankee Pot Luck. First off a humble brag: I made the following in less than a half hour, and it was delicious. We have a tossed salad, a bruschetta, and not one, but two fruit salads. I’m fucking awesome. (maybe not so humble).


And then the food kept rolling in. That’s what I love about the pot luck, each new guest brings new stuff.

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This is the perfect way to welcome new life into this world. “It takes a village” as the saying goes, and it really is magic when everyone works together. It was a great day and I have two wonderful families to thank for it. And Taylor looked absolutely beautiful.


Hey, It’s Rèmi

Working with my team in San Diego has been quite awesome. Hard work deserves a reward of hard play in return! We spent an hour tonight watching the YouTube videos of French prankster Rèmi Gaillard. He is the ultimate troll. Here is a fan favorite:

Do yourself a favor and block out some time to watch some more of his videos. He is an extremely prolific pranksters and has dozen upon dozen of hilarious videos to watch. You may have already heard of him. He is popular around the Europe, but not so much yet in America. Thanks Miguel for sharing!

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