Deranged Easter Bunny

This year the Easter bunny’s egg hunt began with the following note. I think the long winter drove him mad.

Dear cute little rugrats, curtain crawlers, and crumb snatchers,

Every year, I bust my butt making up beautiful baskets full of delicious sweet treats that are artfully arranged. And within minutes of getting them, you totally scatter and disorganize them just so you can cram the candy into your mouths and eat so much you don’t just get a sugar rush, you OD on it and half the time you GET SICK FROM IT. This year I’m tired. I’ll leave all the sweet junk, but you can make up your own damned basket. I’m tired of my work being ruined. First, you need a basket. Better look in one of those nice, new plastic bins.

Thank you Papa John for making us laugh. Every day spent with you is a good one!

photo by StormyyWolf

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