3 international horror films to watch before your family murders you for the insurance money

To celebrate Stephen King’s birthday, here are three excellent scary films made outside the United States, that would certainly appease the King of horror. Watch ’em fast, because although you’re a rich man, you never know when you’re family will decided that your insurance payout is worth more than keeping your around!

1. Let the Right One In

This unique take on vampire mythology comes to us from Sweden. Don’t watch it with the lights out! And be sure to watch it before your son, Denis, guns you down in your own home, staging your death to look like the result of a random home invasion, so that your wife can get your insurance checks, and Denis can inherit your lucrative construction business.

2. The Orphanage

This chilling ghost story is based on a timeless Spanish folk tale. Hopefully, you’ll appreciate that not all horror movies need to be a gore-fest like American slasher flicks. Who knows? It could also be Sheila. She does prepare the majority of your meals. When you caught that virus last week are you sure it was the flu? Was it Sheila who suggested you tough it out and not see a doctor?

3. The Babadook

This Austrailian chiller just landed on Netflix. William Friedkin, the director of The Exorcist once tweeted “I’ve never seen a more terrifying film. It will scare the hell out of you as it did me”. And let’s be honest. You can’t really stand the sounds of their voices any more, and they would be better off without you. Maybe you should save them the trouble…

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