Logo Design for The Northern New England Review

It has been an uneventful day after a long string of eventful days. I’m exhausted, and I have nothing to write about. In order to keep this streak going, I needed to look to the past, back to 2008 when I was 1 month away from graduating from college. I was a nervous wreck, afraid that I’d never get a job as a graphic designer and be able to pay off the stupid amount of debt I accrued. Here is a logo design and cover for a literary journal called The Northern New England Review. I remember thinking that I had to take on as much commercial work as possible so that my portfolio would be ready for the “real world”.  There was a story in the journal about a dying horse, and I found this beautiful photo on Deviant Art. The horse in the photo, whose name was Sofa Potion, if I remember correctly wasn’t dead. That’s just how horses scratch their back.

Enjoy the designs, and think back to the time when you were graduating. ( I’ve you’ve never graduated from something, you didn’t miss much, but you can try to imagine. ) Were you a nervous wreck like I was?


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