Taking New Steps

In New England there is a strange sociological phenomenon that is worthy of investigation. If, for example, a friend asks you to come to their home to visit, it is likely you’d say “no”. BUT, if on the other hand the same friend asks you to come help them, you’d likely say “yes”. That is the Yankee way.

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Kicking off a summer of new adventures

This summer, Megan and I are trying something new. We are hiking, with a goal of climbing Mt. Katahdin in September. This past weekend we started out small with Bradbury Mountain.

A few intermediary hikes we have planned between now and then are Mt. Monadnock, Mt. Washington, and Mt. Kineo. Can you recommend any others?

Megan on Bradburry Mountain.
Megan on Bradburry Mountain.
Our hiking boots now. I wonder how they will look at the end of the season?
Our hiking boots now. I wonder how they will look at the end of the season?

First Quarter Review

I’m attempting the WordPress365 challenge. #wp365. That is, I’m trying to write 1 blog post every day for a year.  It’s been 3 months and I thank you for putting up with me, and I apologize for exposing you to my unadulterated vanity. You see, chief among the reasons I’m embarking on this foolish quest is self-improvement. And I do need you to come along for the ride or else there’d truly be no point.

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Memorial Day 2015

My dad first played me this song when I was around 7 years old. Pretty heavy stuff for a kid! The song would be followed of stories about his time serving in the Vietnam war. I was always inspired to grab my toy guns and play WAR! with my pals. I found out many years later that my dad never served in any war, and the scars that he claimed were from combat, were actually from having his appendix removed. What an asshole! Apparently that’s where I received my trolling instincts.

This song is even more powerful in this live version. The circular narrative and twist ending still get me every time. Play it today and remember those who have served, and those who have given their lives.

This fun article aligns my life to major internet milestones. I wonder what’s next? Props to Ami Karantza for sharing.

Precisely at the time that you were becoming obsessed with celebrities, music and the opposite sex, you magically had access to “the Internet,” a thing that few normal people even partially grasped the power of at the time.

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