First Quarter Review

I’m attempting the WordPress365 challenge. #wp365. That is, I’m trying to write 1 blog post every day for a year.  It’s been 3 months and I thank you for putting up with me, and I apologize for exposing you to my unadulterated vanity. You see, chief among the reasons I’m embarking on this foolish quest is self-improvement. And I do need you to come along for the ride or else there’d truly be no point.

However, this quest did not start off as a self-improvement mission. Full disclosure: I work for WordPress but I’m not paid to write this blog. I’m a software engineer and I started to become more familiar with the product that I’m helping to build.  As I started writing more posts, I found the process pretty enjoyable. I got my first 3 day streak notification, and I’ll admit, I became slightly obsessed. I wanted to make that number higher and higher. 20, 30, 50, and I’m currently at 91!

I’ll admit that once I hit around 25 days, the obsession wore off, and it became really hard to write posts. I was tempted on more than one day to give up. Writing has been a challenge for me for as long as I can remember, and now that I’m setting aside time every day to write for #wp365, writing is definitely getting easier. And it is exciting! I’m talking nail biting excitement. Even though I’m struggling less, there are many days when the words won’t come and I publish absolute crap at the 11th hour.

Additionally, writing daily posts that I then share with the world is also easing my social anxiety. Thinking about you fools regularly makes me a better social being. I cannot thank you enough for that. Keep on doing what you’re doing. You are all perfect.

And I’m certainly having a lot of fun. I’ve come up with a few gimmicks such as #tattuesday and #sketchSunday. They keep me amused and make it easier to keep a streak going.

Now it’s in the open. Now you know why I’m blogging so much. Cheer me on please, and I’ll see you at the half-year review!

Stats ( Feb. 25 – May 27 )
Views: 1360
Visitors: 557
Likes: 220
Comments: 14
Total Subscribers: 38

An article about Megan’s prop design was the most popular for this period. It was shared a lot on Facebook! It will be tough to unseat that article as tops.

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  1. Thanks. When I sit down to write a blog post, I usually ask myself “What is the best / worst thing that happened today” and that is usually enough to get me started. However, I find that I’m still holding back. That there is stuff that I’m too shy to share. A goal going forward is to be less shy!

    But you are right. At any given moment, there is plenty to write about. Thanks again!

  2. You are amazing! Feel free to vent about anything and everything. For me at least, that would keep me writing for years nonstop. Lol

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