Taking New Steps

In New England there is a strange sociological phenomenon that is worthy of investigation. If, for example, a friend asks you to come to their home to visit, it is likely you’d say “no”. BUT, if on the other hand the same friend asks you to come help them, you’d likely say “yes”. That is the Yankee way.

Today with very little notice, I helped my pal, Chris, build this awesome staircase:

11334156_10205724410941222_2865546961665762819_o (1)
That’s me, with the plate, sitting on a stone wall and staircase that i helped to build.


There are not many communities in America where a person will go, with very little notice, and help a friend with an unknown project. I’m proud to be a Yankee. Need help with something, give me a call! Here are a few more photos of our awesome effort:

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    1. Thanks for saying so! 🙂
      My body aches today. That is usually a sign of a job well done.

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