Our first camping trial was a success

Megan and I completed our first camping trip today. We spent a night at a campground 2 miles from our apartment. Our goal was to get our new tent out its box and make sure we could set it up. Also, as it had been a while, I wanted to make sure I could still light a fire. Success! The tent was easy and breezy, and I made us breakfast on a campfire!


A few folks have expressed curiosity at our sudden interest in camping. Why are we doing this?

  • It’s a cheap way to travel.
  • As a programmer who sits most of the day on my bum in front of a computer, I need some downtime that gets me moving in the great outdoors.
  • Car camping is a gateway drug. I hope to learn some real survival skills, and car camping is a good first step for someone who grew up in comfy suburbia.

Our end game is to move to Denver. After living all our lives in New England, we hope to climb to the top of it before we fly away!

Before I sign off, here are two quick gear reviews. This first peice of equipment, the Camp Chef table, is a hybrid between a food preparation table and a portable pantry. There is a great episode of Parts Unknown, where Bourdin visits Quebec and meets some chefs who manage to prepare gourmet meals in the wilderness. Megan and I plan to do the same, and this table will help us get there. We’ll post some pics of our creations over the summer.


Next, our tent, the Midori 3 by Eureka, was a gift from Papa John. It is a solid couples tent. It is roomy, easy-to-assembly, and very breathable. We extend a big thank you Papa John, who is currently touring the country with just his motorcycle and tent! I believe he is at Glacier National Park today.


Ok, that is all for now. I’m sure I’ll talk your ear off again after the next camping trip.

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