Theatre Poster Design from 2009

In sorting through some old files I found one of the first posters I designed after graduating college. It was a much different time for Megan and I. We were living in a tiny efficiency in a crummy neighborhood in Portland, Maine. I was working part time making pizzas, and part time trying to build a career in web design. Megan was working two miserable jobs and trying to get as much acting work as she could. She landed a pretty sweet gig acting in My First Time, the Maine premier of a Broadway play mounted at One Longfellow. It is similar to the Vagina Monologues in that it’s just actors delivering related monologues with no over arching plot. Instead of riffing on vaginas, the stories are instead about peoples first time bumping uglies. Megan and her director tapped me for the poster design. Though it was an early stage in both our careers, I think we did some admirable work.

All monologues were compiled from real life submissions to a web site, so I decided to go with an eight bit look. Enjoy.


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