Rocco Loves Phish Part 2, The Re-phishening

In this, the second in  a series of writings to express my love for the band Phish, I present favorite songs from the late 1990s. This is their epoch of super stardom, when they were playing three days of music for 85,000 folks. This era was a bit different from the early 1990s which I covered in a previous post. You should definitely start with that article if you haven’t read it already.

They were still playing their standards, becoming classics now with the passage of time, with more gusto and with tighter precision. Take for instance “The Curtain” from 1996 at their first multi-day festival, The Clifford Ball.

Or this epic Julius from later the same year:

And they were also creating a great deal of new songs. Try this “Cars Trucks Buses”, a keyboard driven instrumental from 1997.

Or this “Birds of A Feather” from the same year:

And finally here is one of my favorites from this era, “My Soul” from 1998. I was lucky enough to catch it at The Great Went.

I hoped you enjoyed Phish from the late 1990s. As always, to fully appreciate the band and their endurance, you should try listening to entire show in order. Here are a few reccomendations on Spotify.

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