Rocco Loves Phish part 3

Hello, and thanks in advance for reading part 3 of Rocco Loves Phish, a series of posts in which I share my favorite songs from the neo-grind-core band Phish. If you haven’t read part 1 in which I cover the early 1990s, or part 2 in the late 1990s, please do so now. I’ll wait.

In this post, we’ll look at the band in their post hiatus days from 2009 – present. They are of course more mature, as you’d expect them to be after creating music together for 30-ish years. They’re also fresh off a break in which they’ve had time to do their own things and reflect. It’s impressive that they can still inject energy into their old crowd favorites like this “Cavern” from 2009.

Or this “Twist” from 2014 with a fantastic long-form jam.

They were also writing some great new music. “Kill Devil Falls” sounds like it is about a person fresh out of rehab, reflecting on addiction. Here is a ripping version from 2010.

And it’s always nice to hear from Page on the keys, who rarely writes songs with words. Here is a beautiful “Halfway to the Moon” from 2014.

They also debuted an album by playing 8 of its tracks for the first time live on stage before it ever hit the record stores. Here is the title track “Fuego”.

And finally, one of my favorite new tunes from this era, “Alaska” from 2011.

I hope you enjoyed post-hiatus Phish. As always, Phish is best experienced by listening to an entire concert. Here are a few great, full-length shows from the post-hiatus era.

And please follow along with my ever changing Spotify playlist, Rocco’s Ultimate Phish Concert.

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