Work meet-up in Lima, Peru

Back in February, I met with my team from Automattic in Lima, Peru. I’m excited to finally share some photos and videos with y’all. Warning: this post contains tons of media, so proceed with caution if you are limiting your bandwidth.

Traveling with a large group ( 13 folks! ) ensures a lot of great photos and videos. The following collection contains images from myself, as well as my traveling companions. I’ve given credit when necessary, and at the end of this post, you’ll find links to the blogs of all who contributed.

The People

Meet ( the now deprecated ) Team Mercury. Our agenda consisted of: discussing the team’s goals / structure for the rest of the year; learning about how team Flow Patrol was implementing end-to-end testing; learning about future plans for WooCommerce; and I hosted a webinar on the work we’ve been doing with Jetpack Connect.

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The Flat

We stayed in a wonderful penthouse apartment that we found on AirBnB. Here is a short video tour of the place:

The Food

Peru has some of the most inspired cuisine in the world due to their proximity to the rain forest’s bounty. Here are some highlights.

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Amazing dessert globe from Casa Moreyra. Video by Beau.

Football Match: Sporting Cristal v. Peñarol

Miguel, our teammate fro Uruguay was excited that his home team was playing Lima’s home team. We purchased tickets for the match at a department store where we had to provide our passports. The match was easily the most intense sporting event I’ve witnessed. Afterwards, we went out for Chifa, a Peruvian equivalent to late-night, American Chinese food. Overall, it was an excellent night.

The Peñarol troop singing their rally song.

The Sporting Cristal troop setting off a flare. Mind you, our belts were confiscated before we entered the stadium. I’m not sure how they managed to get a flare in. Video by Dan.

Parque Central de Miraflores

I was thrilled when Diego and Samantha suggested we go to a city park inhabited by cats. While there, Miguel captured a video of a street performance.

Beautiful Lima

Here are some random shots from our trip.

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Farewell Sunset

On the final night, I snapped some great sunset photos!

Other neat things

Photo credits

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