Developing a cribbage game on my own terms

I’ve been working on developing a cribbage game. If you are a fan of cribbage, please try it out and let me know what you think.

You can play cribbage live right here, or you can follow the instructions on the wp-cribbage github repository to play it on your own website.

What did I learn?

In my day job, I’m working at Automattic, helping to build the Jetpack plugin and Calypso ( a dashboard ). Both of these are built with React.js, and by the time I started working on them, they were fully realized projects. So I never got to explore the build process or setting up unit tests.

In building my cribbage game, I learned how to use npm to compile a React project. I learned that both github and npm have helpful alerts to let you know when your project’s dependencies have security vulnerabilities.

I learned how to properly use Test Driven Development in making the artificial intelligence that powers your cribbage opponent. ( It’s pretty good. It defeats me often, without cheating! )

What’s next?

I’ve always wanted to learn, so I plan to make a v2 of my cribbage game where two people can play each other. I’d also like to improve the UI for mobile devices, and update the graphics to something a bit more shiny.

Let me know in the comments if you tried it out. Thanks for reading!

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