Backyard Greenhouse

I just finished up a week long vacation in which I built a greenhouse in my backyard. I love DIY projects, the adventure, the problem solving, all of it! And I usually make a lot of mistakes. For example, the stone walk-way I built last year was dug too low, and I’ll have to raise it up this year. I’d love your opinions / critiques of my greenhouse-building process.

For the greenhouse, I used a ShelterLogic kit, which had mostly easy-to-follow assembly instructions. Before putting the house together, I had to level off some earth. My backyard does not have any level areas that are also in the sun, so this was a challenge. I think i handled it pretty well! Using a level, I measured the differential between the highest point and lowest point and found that it was approximately 16 inches. So I split the difference: I dug about eight inches down on the high side, and used the dirt and some cinder blocks to build up 8 inches on the low side.

How does it look? Would you have done something differently?

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