One easy trick for removing pet hair from your carpets

Wether you’re a dog person or a cat person, you’ve no doubt busted your buns and your forearms trying to get their fur out of your carpets. You’ve tried vacuums with fancy attachments, rug doctors, rug professors, and even rug lawyers – and the hair persists.

Good thing your here, because there is an easier way.

You can put your pet up for adoption. Chances are an other person will fall in love with your pet for all the same reasons you did, and that person will adopt your ex-pet. And maybe that person will have hardwood floors.

Bonus trick:

Can’t bear the thought of putting your pet up for adoption? Maybe it’s time to tear up those carpets and go all hardwood or tiles. If that’s more your speed, make sure you check with your landlord and roommates.

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