2009 time hop!

Friends, do the math, 2009 was 10 years ago and that means I must enthrall you with a tale of that year from my prospective as a modern day internet writer. Here’s what you need to know:

This is what i looked like on my driver’s license:

I joined an arts collective called christophermichaelsullivan. Though the collective is dead now, friendships forged live on! Here is my official bio and business card from one of the strangest work experiences of my life.

I started working at my first 9-5 job outside of the food service industry. I became a web designer y’all! One could argue that I still do that today, 10 years later. This was my business card.

I burnt my finger real bad while making soup for Megan.

Megan asked me to marry them, and I said “not at the moment”. It wasn’t because of the soup, we were just really poor at the time. We got married 3 years later.

Megan made her Portland theatre debut as Women #1 in “My First Time”

My good pal Benjamin graduated from the University of Southern Maine.

Megan turned 20!

Megan’s first birthday in Maine

I portrayed Professor Waldo for Halloween.

Megan attended their first Phish concert.

Megan portrayed Mrs. Shields in “A Christmas Story” at Schoolhouse Arts.

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