Describe it 1 sentence: Innovate jazz and blues from the 1970s – poppy but with some long form improvs!

Favorite tracks: “Flame” and “Colorblind”

How I heard about it: My dear friend, Joe Lops, introduced me to Sebadoh back in 1998. “Flame” recently popped up in my Spotify discover weekly, and I got the nostalgia feels.

Best line from artist’s Wikipedia: “Along with such bands as Pavement and Guided by Voices, Sebadoh helped pioneer lo-fi music, a style of indie rock characterized by low-fidelity recording techniques, often on four-track machines. “

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Describe it 1 sentence: Sweaty, poppy party music.

Favorite tracks: “Shake Your Coconuts” and “Go Junior, Go Senior”

How I heard about it:  Phish, the best band in the land, opened their Baker’s Dozen shows with “Shake Your Coconuts”, and it’s since become a favorite song to play on a Monday morning when i’m feeling like a bag a shit.

Best line from artist’s Wikipedia: “In addition, on 21 July 2017, the band Phish used the song as the kickoff for a 13-night run at Madison Square Garden dubbed The Baker’s Dozen. The song coincided with free coconut donuts given to the audience.”

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Describe it 1 sentence: Electric folk with a dusting of the purple Prince.

Favorite tracks: “Golden Age” and “DLZ”

How I heard about it: When my favorite comfort band, Phish, covered “Golden Age” I came online and got hooked.

Favorite Line from the artist’s Wikipedia: “TV on the Radio has said that their eclectic music is due to their liking of very diverse bands, including Bad Brains, Earth, Wind & Fire, Nancy Sinatra, Serge Gainsbourg, Brian Eno, and the Pixies.”

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Describe it 1 sentence: R&B as classic as it comes

Favorite tracks: Title track for sure, but the whole album is pretty great.

How I heard about it: When visiting my dear friend, Carmen in Memphis in 2017, she brought us to the Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum which featured a bunch of listening exhibits. Peebles voice was one of the most memorable for me. Later, I purchased this record on vinyl from Shangri La Records.

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Describe it 1 sentence: Acoustic guitar and harmonic vocals explore many genres

Favorite tracks: There’s a lot of good ones, but I really like “Afternoon” and “Lydia”

How I heard about it: I first heard Mr. Richman’s music way back in the 1990’s when he was featured in the file “There’s Something About Mary”. Recently, the song “New England” popped up in my Discover Weekly on Spotify.

Favorite line from artist’s Wikipedia: “Richman’s work with the first incarnation of Modern Lovers is a major influence on punk rock. One critic called him the ‘Godfather of Punk’.”

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Describe it 1 sentence: 1980s British emo-folk, I guess

Favorite tracks: “Sunspots” and “Laughing Boy”

How I heard about it: Spotify Discover Weekly recommended “Sunspots”

Favourite Line from the artist’s Wikipedia: “Cope is also an author on Neolithic culture, publishing The Modern Antiquarian in 1998, and an outspoken political and cultural activist with a noted and public interest in occultism and paganism.”

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