James Blake: “Overgrown”

Describe it 1 sentence: British R&B with some truly breathgiving vocal acrobatics.

Favorite tracks: “Retrograde” and “Voyeur”

How I heard about it: James Blake appeared in my Spotify “Discover Weekly”

Best line from artist’s Wikipedia: “…critic Mark Fisher wrote that ‘listening back to Blake’s records in chronological sequence is like hearing a ghost gradually assume material form; or it’s like hearing the song form (re)coalescing out of digital ether.'”

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Mitski: “Puberty 2”

Describe it 1 sentence: A manifold crusade of Americana – folk, punk, indie, fantastic.

Favorite tracks: “My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars” and “Dan the Dancer”

How I heard about it: Mitski popped up in my Spotify “Discover Weekly” playlist.

Interesting line from artist’s Wikipedia: “Mitski reflects her cross-cultural identity as ‘half Japanese, half American but not fully either’, a feeling that is often reflected in her music, which occasionally discusses issues of belonging.”

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Jon Hopkins: “Singularity”

Describe it 1 sentence: Pulsing, sometimes with strange, irregular rythms electronic music.

Favorite tracks: “Emeral Rush”

How I heard about it: Saw Jon Hopkins while scrolling the AV Club.

Best line from artist’s Wikipedia: “According to reviews, ‘Hopkins’s aesthetic is perpetually intriguing. He transcends genres, melding digital coldness with subtle, bucolic textures; veering from skewed elegance to strange, unsettling depths.'”

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Weyes Blood: “Titanic Rising”

Describe it 1 sentence: You’re on your first mission for NASA, freely orbiting the earth in a space suit, and you get a phone call from your girlfriend – she dumps you.

Favorite tracks: “Andromeda”

How I heard about it: Saw Weyes Blood while scrolling the AV Club.

Best line from artist’s Wikipedia: “When I record, I think about sacred space and I think about what would be the sound of your soul if there is music coming out of it. It would probably be an echoey, strange chamber.”

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I found this podcast to contain a good balance of information. Give it a listen if you are able:

Podcast: Learning to live with the Coronavirus

Quick summary: The virus should not be equated to the common cold or flu. It spreads real fast and it’s no fun to get – even if the symptoms are “mild”. So the media’s suggestion to isolate early is inline with the severity of the virus.

Imagine if the hospitals experience what we’ve seen at the grocery stores in the past few days. Isolation is a good way to reduce the load that the hospitals will face.

Describe it 1 sentence: Hypnotic electronic that’s really nice to play in the background while you’re working on a carpentry project.

Favorite tracks: “This Unfolds”

How I heard about it: The AV Club wrote about Four Tet in their Best Albums of the 2010s article.

Best line from artist’s Wikipedia: “Hebden’s recent output includes a number of improvisational works with jazz drummer Steve Reid and collaborations under the name 00110100 01010100 (binary for 4T) with Burial and Thom Yorke.”

Vida Blue: “Vida Blue”

Describe it 1 sentence: Trancy, keyboard driven funk with a wide range of emotions.

Favorite tracks: “Most Events Aren’t Planned” & “Fresh Tube”

How I heard about it: The band leader plays keyboard in my all-time favorite band.

Best line from artist’s Wikipedia: “A screamo band from Iowa City, Iowa had been using the same name through part of 2001. The band subsequently changed their name to Ten Grand after they sold the rights to the band name to McConnell for $10,000”

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Describe it 1 sentence: Let’s cut our hair into a mohawk go to the old wild west saloon!

Favorite tracks: I find the entire album enjoyable, but I’m really feeling “Big Thighs, NJ” right now.

How I heard about it: A co-worker posted pics on Instagram from one of their live shows, and I thought I’d give them a try.

Best line from artist’s Wikipedia: “…the record received many positive reviews from critics, including NPR’s Ken Tucker praising the ‘buzzsaw yowl of Adam Weiner’ on the record.”

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