Describe it 1 sentence: I’m not sure why, but this makes me want to sit on my couch and ride a snow board.

Favorite tracks: “Bitter End”

How I heard about it: A bit of a blast from the past! I first heard them on SSXsoundtrack, and lately i’ve been revisiting that soundtrack to make a workout playlist.

Best line from artist’s Wikipedia: “The album title’s about carrying the ghosts of your relationships with you, to the point where sometimes a smell or a situation or an item of clothing they bought brings a person back.”

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Vintage Jetpack Sign

A few years back, my pal Stephen got us a Jetpack sign for our now deprecated office. I’ve finally painted the old sign, which now can be considered vintage because the logo has been redesigned. I used One Shot paints to make the logo and lettering nice and glossy, and I used standard flat interior paint for contrast. I’m pleased with the results, and I plan on gifting this shiny thing to Derek. ( He doesn’t read my blog, so I’m not really spoiling anything for him. )

Anyway, have a peak:

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