Backyard Greenhouse

I just finished up a week long vacation in which I built a greenhouse in my backyard. I love DIY projects, the adventure, the problem solving, all of it! And I usually make a lot of mistakes. For example, the stone walk-way I built last year was dug too low, and I’ll have to raise it up this year. I’d love your opinions / critiques of my greenhouse-building process.

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Describe it 1 sentence: One minute you’re listening to sinister lounge music, the next, sinister surf music.

Favorite tracks: “Tiger Phone Card”, “Oceans on Venus”

How I heard about it: Spotify’s Discover Weekly recommended “Tiger Phone Card”

Best line from artist’s Wikipedia: “In the late 1990s, keyboardist Ethan Holtzman discovered Cambodian psychedelic rock music while traveling in that country. “

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Describe it 1 sentence: A weird, funky mix of punk and hip-hop.

Favorite tracks: “Strange Arithmetic” and “The Guillotine” – The whole album is freakin’ amazing!

How I heard about it: Spotify’s Discover Weekly recommended “The Guillotine” coincidentally on the same week that I saw the movie of “Sorry to Bother You”.

Best line from artist’s Wikipedia: “The Coup’s music is driven by assertive and danceable bass-driven backbeats overlaid by critical, hopeful, and witty lyrics, often with a bent towards the literary.”

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Describe it 1 sentence: Adventurous and complicated Jazz.

Favorite tracks: “Birdland” and “Havona”

How I heard about it: While researching Classical bassists, I came upon this band!

Best line from artist’s Wikipedia: “From the start, Weather Report took the unusual and innovative approach of abandoning the traditional “soloist/accompaniment” demarcation of straight-ahead jazz and instead featuring opportunities for continuous improvisation by every member of the band.”

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