Workshop Guide

Thanks for showing up. We will attempt to create an javascript app that will live inside a WordPress Plugin. What a novel idea! In doing so, we will learn about and use the WP API project. Let’s have some fun.

Project Specs

Build Game-a-tron, an online score keeping plugin for WordPress.  Do you frequently play old Atari games at your office? Are you keeping score using sticky notes stuck to the wall? Forget all that and let’s build an app that will store the scores online for you and your co-workers.

  • Single page javascript app that uses the JSON REST API plugin
  • Custom post type of ‘Score’ and custom taxonomy of ‘Game’
    • Meta for Score:  Player’s name (up to 4 characters) and  Player’s score (up to 6 characters)
  • Game view should show no more than the top 10 scores for the game ordered by score
  • You should be able to easily switch between games
  • You should be able to create a new game
  • You should be able to enter a new score for a game


Setting up a WordPress plugin that registers custom post types and taxonomies, as well as routes a javascript application can take awhile. To save you some time I’ve built a boiler plate plugin for you. Now you can start writing your javascript and your custom endpoints.

Step-by-step Guide

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by building Game-a-tron from scratch? Are you new to javascript? You are in luck. In preparing this workshop, I’ve already built a version of it.

You can see Game-a-tron in all its glory here. You can follow the step-by-step guide below to see how I built it.

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