Happy Labor Day. Here’s a cat to watch you pee.

Today I finished a home-made medicine cabinet / picture frame for our bathroom. Teaching myself basic carpentry skills, and owning a home in general has made me appreciate all the work that goes into building and maintaining our dwellings and infrastructure. Thank you all for working so hard. Enjoy the photos!

The artwork is a print we purchased in Scotland on our honeymoon a few years back. It was lovingly created by Griddle Bone Gallery. We’ve named him Magnus.

The definition of polarizing

Richard’s parents will do anything for their baby… and so will Paula’s. That’s why they’re working two jobs.

This keenly drawn ( animated GIFs! ) comic strip is what you might see if you looked up “polarizing” in the dictionary. It is perfectly split down the middle, telling the story of two people from different classes. The real fun begins in the comment sections, demonstrating how certain issues can cut the world ( and the internet ) in two. Enjoy!