The streets and canals of Amsterdam

Just got home after a lovely trip to Amsterdam with my co-workers at Automattic. I was not able to snap as many photos as I wanted. One night, I left my camera’s battery back at the hotel. Still, here are some of my favorite photos. Enjoy!


Photos from other teammates:

Measure, then act

Dan, a co-worker from Automattic wrote this in a p2 post today:

Measure, then act. Almost every major decision we made was in response to real-world data. Often we would be surprised and have our expectations challenged, both in terms of what was NOT possible, but also what WAS possible.

It reminds me of the old saying, “Measure twice, cut once”, and in software development, the more we measure, the more we discover.

Test-Driven Development

On my recent trip to San Diego, my co-workers and I participated in something called a Code Retreat. It reminded me of my days in art school, when my professor would instruct me to hold my pencil in odd ways while drawing, which broke my reliance on muscle memory, and forced me to focus more on the process of mark making and see my task in a new light.

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