Happy Birthday Derek Smart

Today is the birthday of Mr. Derek Smart-Golden.  I sometimes call him “The Golden Boy”, “Mr. Pizza”, or “Kevin Klein”.

We work together writing computer code, and for those of you who don’t know, when two adults write computer scripts together, an interesting bond forms.

This blog post is really just a verbal high-five to the dude.

Happy Birthday Derek. Had I not met you, I would have mounted my bicycle long ago, and peddled far away from this nutty business. I raise a glass and toast you:

May your Javascript stay DRY. May your pizza stay piled high with fine meats and cheeses. May your coffee keep you alert and not hasten your bowels. And may you never find Tupac.

Drawing by ML-Cloud9

Happy Birthday Beth Chasse

On stage, or in real life Beth Chasse will intoxicate you. She is an amazing actress, writer, and an essential force in Southern Maine’s theatre community. A pack of wildlings, including her main squeeze Cory King, and her lovely mom Twila celebrated her birthday in epic fashion last night. Though Pedro did not make an appearance, a song was sung in his honor.

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