Megan and Rocco tag-team a logo design

In rummaging through an old sketch book, I found an old sketch that my wife drew for a client that we were working with about five years ago. I thought it would be neat to share a sequence of images showing how much an idea can mutate from start to finish. I remember that I really wanted the client to select Megan’s beautifully illustrated logo, and for a short while it seemed as though they would. But finally they chose a different concept altogether. Fonts used: Barrista and Catwing.

Here are the images, enjoy:

Wedding Planning Time Hop

I was rummaging through my art supply drawer and I found an old sketchbook. Inside were some rough drafts for our wedding invites drawn by the illustrious Megan Tripaldi. I was dumfounded! Luckily I had a speech prepared. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a crumpled piece on which the following words were written:

“I love you Megan Tripaldi. You were still called Megan Jackson exactly 3 years ago when you drew these drawings I found in a drawer tonight. I am glad that you said that you’d marry me.”

I’ll now take the effort to scan in the aforementioned rough sketches, as well as the final draft. Enjoy.

3 things to do in Pittsburgh if you only have 2 days

  1. Visit your cousin Jennifer who is studying to be an engineer at the University of Pittsburgh. The university section of Pittsburgh (Oakland) is interesting. It is secluded away from the downtown area. It is quiet and pleasant. It is even nicer if your cousin Jennifer gives you a walking tour through the choicest locations, such as…
  2. The Cathedral of Learning: Oakland is not like downtown. There are no skyscrapers, except for one, giant, ominous tower know as the Cathedral of Learning, or Cathy, to locals. It looks like Hogwarts inside. It houses many working classrooms, including these recreations of schoolrooms from around the world.
  3. Visit the Andy Warhol Museum. He created much more than soup cans.

2014 Time Lapse

Holy smokes, 2014 was the biggest year of my life thus far! When I try to convey the magnitude of this year to my friends and family in everyday conversation, my emotions win out, and I trail off. So why not put all of the events in a nice easy-to-consume list, in chronological order for those of you who have not yet broken the barriers of time.

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Thanksgiving 2014

We drove into Fitchburg, MA the night before Thanksgiving. We departed from Portland, ME at around 10 am and made our first stop in Boston. We had about 2 hours to kill before meeting up with the mommy side of Megan’s family at her grandmother’s home in Chestnut Hill. We decided to try to find the Garment District in Cambridge, and our goal was to find it without using GPS. I’m proud to say that it was a team effort, and that we found the shop after about a half hour. :highfive:

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