Hey, It’s Rèmi

Working with my team in San Diego has been quite awesome. Hard work deserves a reward of hard play in return! We spent an hour tonight watching the YouTube videos of French prankster Rèmi Gaillard. He is the ultimate troll. Here is a fan favorite:

Do yourself a favor and block out some time to watch some more of his videos. He is an extremely prolific pranksters and has dozen upon dozen of hilarious videos to watch. You may have already heard of him. He is popular around the Europe, but not so much yet in America. Thanks Miguel for sharing!

I’m a slaaaaave

On an early morning walk today, this happened:

I texted the photo to Megan and this is how she replied:

Some of you will read the above text in the voice of Louis CK impersonating a seal, and you will chuckle. I love my wife.

Turkish Delight

Today I traveled to San Diego to meet with my team for the first time. My verbal skills Are not at their peak right now due to some unruly jet lag. I can at least say this: I’m fully thankful to be working with these folks. And I’ll be writing more thoughtful words about them as our time goes on and my exhaustion ceases. At the very least, I’ll write a summary of the meetup and share some photos.

For now I’ll leave you with 2 words to ruminate on: Turkish Delight. Oguz brought us some from his home country and I had never tried it before. It was a pleasant experience. It is similar to what we call fruit snacks here in America. But the flavor is more deeply fruity, and they are coated in a very light powdered sugar. The texture is not like anything I’ve tasted before. Each color is its own flavor.

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