New tattoo every Tuesday. My wife’s first tattoo was the Libra symbol, so this week I got one too. I’m a Libra now! #tattuesday


New tattoo every Tuesday. I’m so glad that I get a new tattoo on every Tuesday because I learned about all the different fonts that contain awesome semicolons. I chose Gastada because it is the manliest. I also learned about the very awesome Semicolon Tattoo Project. #tattuesday


New tattoo every Tuesday. This week, a blast from the past. I shaved my beard and found a tattoo that I got last year under all that hair! And it’s for PortFringe! How lucky am I?? #tattuesday

Photo on 6-25-15 at 8.33 PM

New tattoo every Tuesday. This week some shameful self promotion. Megan and I are partaking in this year’s PortFringe Festival. Please come see us on the stage of life!


New tattoo every Tuesday. This week is a double feature! In honor of my second favorite sport, a “PING” on one bicep, and a “PONG” on the other. #tattuesday


New tattoo every Tuesday. I have a confession to make: I love donuts. And the Holy Donut makes the best ones. I call them about twice a day. Now I don’t need to look up their number anymore because it’s etched into my back. #tattuesday



New tattoo every Tuesday. Sadly, I was not able to get a tattoo this Tuesday as I’ve been super busy. However, I did find a new tattoo artist, Raenyras, on deviantart. I also learned about using this computer software called Photo Shop  to super impose pictures onto other pictures. Here is what Raenyras artwork might look like as a tattoo on my shoulder. I like it! I think I’ll get it next Tuesday! #tattuesday


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