Cotton Jones: “Tall Hours in the Glowstream”

Describe it 1 sentence: Psychedelic country music with a voice like butter.

Favorite tracks: “Somehow Keep it Going”, “Man Climbs out of Winter”

How I heard about it: Spotify Discover Weekly recommended “Somehow Keep it Going”

Best line from artist’s Wikipedia: “The signature sound of the band is Michael Nau and his wife Whitney McGraw’s ethereal vocals.”

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dana falconberry: “From the Forest Came the Fire”

Describe it 1 sentence: Hypnotic, melodic, & chill music to work to.

Favorite tracks: “Cora Cora”

How I heard about it: Spotify Discover weekly recommended “Palmless”

Best line from artist’s Wikipedia: Jon Pareles of the New York Times has described the live performance as “gentle yet intricate: a rusticated chamber music using banjo, cello, and staggered, contrapuntal vocal harmonies with the other women in her band, in songs full of wordless interludes that unfurled a skein of possibilities.”

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Sarah Jaffe: “Don’t Disconnect”

Describe it 1 sentence: Electronic Americana, smooth as caramel with a hint of sadness.

Favorite tracks: They are all great, but the last two “Defense” and “Leaving the Planet” are my favs.

How I heard about it: Spotify Discover weekly recommended “Defense”

Best line from artist’s Wikipedia: The Irish comedy TV series “Can’t cope, Won’t cope”, also streamed on Netflix, used the song “Glorifyed High”.

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Sinkane: “Life and Livin’ It”

Describe it 1 sentence: Poppy, up-beat funk music blending lyrics with a big otherworldly robotic band.

Favorite track: They’re all good! I guess “Theme from Life and Livin’ It”

Best line from artist’s Wikipedia: “Ahmed Gallab is the vocalist and music director of the Atomic Bomb! Band which plays the music of Nigerian funk musician William Onyeabor. The group includes David Byrne (of Talking Heads), Money Mark (of the Beastie Boys)…” – say no more. This is a super-group I must seek out!

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