First Quarter Review

I’m attempting the WordPress365 challenge. #wp365. That is, I’m trying to write 1 blog post every day for a year.  It’s been 3 months and I thank you for putting up with me, and I apologize for exposing you to my unadulterated vanity. You see, chief among the reasons I’m embarking on this foolish quest is self-improvement. And I do need you to come along for the ride or else there’d truly be no point.

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This fun article aligns my life to major internet milestones. I wonder what’s next? Props to Ami Karantza for sharing.

Precisely at the time that you were becoming obsessed with celebrities, music and the opposite sex, you magically had access to “the Internet,” a thing that few normal people even partially grasped the power of at the time.

The blog articles that never lived

Hello folks. I’m writing this at the end of an exhausting Monday after a mega-exhausting weekend. I really can’t think of anything to write, so I looked through my saved drafts, the blog posts that I’ve started some time in the past but never published, hoping to find a life-saver to keep my streak going. No such luck. But the titles of the articles that never made it out of the incubator seem interesting enough share here. I’ll present them as a poll. Streak saved!

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