ClickVentures are better than videogames

I don’t care what console you play, you will love the drama, the comedy, the sheer inventiveness of the ClickVenture. It’s like Zork, but with honest-to-goodness spit takes. It’s fucking funny, ok?

Here’s all of ’em:

The latest is a spy adventure, and it is both hilarious and infuriating. Let me know if you can “win” it. Please. Comment or email me if you figure that shit out. Other exciting escapades include surviving the first day of high school, and a harrowing sleepover at Brynna’s house.


Playing PacMan on the streets of Ferry Village

The Google Maps Pac-man prank is one of my favorite April Fool’s gags of all time. Not only do you get to play Pac-man, but it is super fun to search through familiar places to find the perfect level.

Check out this level from Ferry Village in South Portland, Maine.

It is a fairly challenging and fun level. Have fun!

If you find any difficult levels, please reply.

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